The Cleansed – Season 1 – Episode 5

The Cleansed Post Apocalyptic Podcast Chapter 17

Artwork by Simon Adams

In the wake of the nightmare that was Tully’s barn, Sam appears ready to go to battle. But there is no battle left, and no chance to help but to mop up the mess. Marc, a wounded young warrior from the Dwellers, tries to keep his lips tight about his homeland and his plight, but it’s clear there are few options left but to plow forward, whatever the cost.

Amos and Lucian escape the fire and conflagration with Paul, a strange man who bears witness to a coming holy war. Paul leads them to the home of his people – the Believers – who welcome them with open arms. Arms maybe a little too open.

Zeke, awkwardly moving into a new role, tells a secret to Richard that sets unimaginable wheels into motion.

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Written/Directed/Produced by Fred Greenhalgh


  • Kate Gurney as Maria
  • Philip Hobby as Luke
  • Paul Drinan as John Prophet
  • Kym Dakin as Sam
  • Ian Carlsen as Marc
  • Cole Amorello as Amos
  • Reggie Hodges as Lucian
  • Eric Moody as Paul
  • Daniel Noel as Job
  • Janice Gardner as Believer
  • Richard Mac as Richard
  • Dylan Chestnutt as Zeke
  • Brent Askari as Saul
  • Additional voices by the cast


  • Field sound:  Randall Farr
  • Production assistance: David Turner and Samantha Mason
  • Sound design by Matthew Boudreau
  • Original score by Hubert Campbell
  • Hymn by Peter Stickney and the choir of First Parish United Church of Christ
  • Additional sound by Mind’s Eye Productions

This production was recorded on location at the North Dam Mill in Biddeford Maine and other locations in Southern Maine

Special thanks to:

Jennifer Stonehouse, Black Kettle Farm, Woolever Farm, Carolyn Gosselin, Doug Sanford, the City of Biddeford, Tammy Ackerman, Amy Titcomb, Bill Dufris, Coffee by Design, WMPG, RODE Microphones, the ZOOM Corporation