The Cleansed: Season 1 Launch Party!!!

The Cleansed Season 1 Audio AdventureFinalRune is thrilled to announce the launch party for Season 1 of The Cleansed!

This is the beginning of FinalRune’s largest audio project to date, an audio epic that follows three youths confronting a world torn asunder by a global energy crisis.

15 years after a devastating time called “The Breaking,” a haggard ex-soldier, John Prophet, holds the key to saving society from a second apocalypse. At his heels are two religious fanatics, bent on waging the ultimate war – Armageddon. John faces no welcome return the Refuge, where the people he spurned years ago have created a new society. Worse, he has new enemies on his heels, and John must quickly make new friends or face the end of all he has fought for these long years.

To celebrate the launch of the first digital download of Season 1, we’ll be having a party in downtown Biddeford, Maine, where most of the series was recorded. Enjoy free beer and wine, snacks, and an exclusive screening of a behind-the-scenes documentary and audio listening party. Many cast/crew members will be in attendance to take questions. Be among the first to enjoy this ambitious new series involving some of Maine’s finest artists.

We have Engine to thank for hosting us at their space in the heart of Biddeford, a Main Street Maine community:

Friday, March 9 6-8PM
engine: propelling the creative community
265 Main #103
Biddeford ME 04005
Free and open to the public

We hope you can come out to enjoy the festivities, or raise us a glass and celebrate by listening at home wherever you may be.