The Cleansed – Season 1

The Cleansed - Season 1 Post Apocalyptic Audio DramaFifteen years after the fallout of a massive energy crisis, steadfast homesteaders in rural Maine slog through an off-grid life.

This bucolic existence is turned upside down when John Prophet, a soldier still fighting an unwinnable war, arrives with word of a powerful military force setting up in the ashes of old New York. His message falls on deaf ears except for those of two youths, Maria and Luke, who buck their parents’ wishes and set off on a journey filled with grim survivalists, rugged characters, religious maniacs, and dangers of nature that have grown up in this strange land.

Use the SoundCloud player below to stream on-demand any of the audio from this epic 5-hour drama. To own it, buy it through Blackstone Audio’s, the distributor of FinalRune’s shows. Or, chec out the free podcast which allows you to listen to the series incrementally.


Fred Greenhalgh


  • Kate Gurney as Maria
  • Philip Hobby as Luke
  • Ian Carlsen as Marc
  • Paul Drinan as John Prophet
  • Susan Reilly as Caitlin
  • Chris Newcomb as David
  • Kym Dakin as Sam
  • Andrew Sawyer as Chad
  • Adam Araujo as Arthur / Republic 1
  • Richard Mac as Richard
  • William Dufris as Councilor 1
  • Gary Hauger as Councilor 2 and Republic 4
  • Brent Askari as Saul
  • Nat Angstrom as Rebel 2
  • Johnny Speckman as Republic 2
  • Nathan Speckman as Republic 3
  • Dylan Chestnutt as Zeke
  • Reggie Hodges as Lucian
  • Cole Amorello as Amos
  • Eric Moody as Paul
  • Daniel Noel as Job
  • Janice Gardner as Believer
  • Additional voices by the cast


  • Field sound:  Randall Farr
  • Production assistance: David Turner and Samantha Mason
  • Sound design by Matthew Boudreau
  • Original score by Hubert Campbell
  • Fiddle music: The Fiddling Thomsons
  • Additional sound by Mind’s Eye Productions

This production was recorded on location at the North Dam Mill in Biddeford Maine and other locations in Southern Maine

Special thanks to:

Jennifer Stonehouse, John Lord, Carolyn Gosselin, Doug Sanford, the City of Biddeford, Tammy Ackerman, Amy Titcomb, Bill Dufris, Coffee by Design, WMPG, RODE Microphones, the ZOOM Corporation

  • rm

    very exciting series, great production, bored by the jesus conversions. its what got so many in trouble. I wonder if its a just a plot twist.

  • finalrune

    Thanks M. Keep listening. We’ll find out whether those conversions were such a good idea or not.

    – Fred

  • Stacey Shoemaker

    “redneck, hicks with guns”

    I’m out…

  • Rachel KRUEGER

    I’m really enjoying this I love old time radio and I like see more like this I nice that someone had made a new radio drama or radio play

  • WestonF01

    Can you download this?

  • Fred Greenhalgh

    Yes! Best way I’d recommend is to download the podcast version of The Cleansed, you can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, Wondery App on Android, wherever you get your podcasts…and we have a dedicated website

  • WestonF01

    Got it, thanks!