The Cleansed: Season 2 Kicks Off

The Cleansed - Season 2Production kicked off for Season 2 of The Cleansed yesterday in a session at Wolf Pine Farm in Alfred, Maine. Wolf Pine’s property abuts the Mousam River, and we used a beautiful picnic spot on the Farm as our home base for a rigorous day of recording.

Season 2 begins with our characters headed downriver (just who’s in the boat you’ll find out by the end of Season 1). There are trials both within the party and with the outside world – not the least of which is an incredibly violent series of rapids the characters must endure. And in true FinalRune style, we put the actors into canoes and had them shouting their lines and paddling like mad to create convincing scenes.

The Cleansed - Season 2This is just the first of 7 recording sessions planned for this fall, with a target for a March 2013 release.  We’re really, really excited about what’s in store; Season 2 pushes the envelope with some of the most elaborate scenes we’ve ever heard in audio, opportunities to really get to know the characters, and an unveiling of what our villians really plan (and how much our heroes are up again).

You can see more photos here: or follow the progress of Season 2 on our Facebook page.  If you hate Facebook, no worries, a post-recording recap will be coming in October.

We Need Your Help

Kickstarter Thumb The Cleansed FundraiserWe have launched our first Kickstarter campaign and aim to raise $2,000 by midnight on Oct 7.

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There’s a really funny video (hint: involves turkeys) saying basically this: can you help us make more good audio happen?

In addition to our undying gratitude, for your support you’ll also gets perks such as:

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  • ORIGINAL ART WORK – this is the really, really big one. For $150 donations we are giving away the original hard copy art pieces by Simon Adams created for Season 1. You get to pick from those available in this gallery.

PLUS any donation $5 or more gets you a free “Season Pass” to the Director’s Cut edition of Season 2. We would love for you to join us on making this great adventure happen, visit Kickstarter here and thanks.

The campaign only runs until October 7th, and the cooler perks are limited, so please act now!

Season 1

"Mushroom Log" - Cleansed artwork by Simon Adams

Finally, if you’ve been irregularly following The Cleansed: Season 1, you should know that we just released Episode 7yesterday and have just one more release this season – the finale, due out on Friday, Oct 5.

Episode 7 finds Maria and Luke having to make up in order to move forward, and a new friend Marc who shows them around the camp of the “Dwellers.” Just when they start to get comfortable, John Prophet is brought before the people to face his crimes. Do John Prophet’s ends justify his means? Secrets are revealed and the scope of the enemy is explored in Episode 7, which you can catch here:

The Cleansed is available as a paid director’s cut edition and as a free podcast. You can subscribe using iTunes, RSS (we like BeyondPod for Android or MediaMonkey for Windows) or grab all of the MP3 links from our downloads page.