The Cleansed: Season 3 Recording Begins

Cleansed - Season 3 RecordingFinalRune is pleased to announce that recording has begun for Season 3 of The Cleansed!

Season 3, the final season, pulls together the various storylines in one apocalyptic finish. Saul and Paul are seemingly impossible to stop as the set wheels in motion to destroy each other – and perhaps the world in the process. Our group of friends, many, many miles from their home in the “Refuge,” are forced to escape a deadly, war-ravaged city so they can discover secrets from the past. But, having left home, there may not be any home to go back to. A new enemy has appeared, intent on conquering the Refuge. Can the citizens of the Refuge, and their once-enemies, the Dwellers, unite to stop a common enemy?

Six hours of bold, high-concept audio adventure await in the final installment of The Cleansed, which will see the world burn, love born, and life and death hang in the balance for a troubled world. Welcome to the last battle of the apocalypse.

Recording "The Cleansed" Season 3, the epic post-apocalytic serialized audio drama podcast! First day of Recording at ReVision Energy in Portland, ME and Acadia Recording Company

Posted by FinalRune Productions on Saturday, April 25, 2015

  • jazhound

    really looking for to this. i’m in the middle of listening to season 2 and am enjoying the hell out of it. how long does it take you to write a whole season ?

  • finalrune

    Hey Jaz! Thanks for your kind words. The story itself has been rattling around in my head for a while, so the seasons are a little easier to write. Typically something like 3 months to get most of the story structure down, then 3 months more to fully develop, and somewhere in there we go into production. Our plan is to have the principal recording done by June, post-produce over the summer, and start releasing episodes in October.

  • jazhound

    excellent. well, good luck to you all and break a leg out there

  • George Mills

    After finishing “We’re Alive” I wasn’t sure I would ever find another epic audio drama worth listening to. After a lot of searching I finnally found “The Cleansed.” I am disappointed that it is not finished but glad to hear that there is another 6 hours to listen to. The radio drama revival app should be able to tide me over till season 3. Thank you all so much!