The Cleansed – Season 3

The Cleansed - Season 3Season 3 of our apocalyptic saga finds our heroes in a seemingly impossible situation, far from home and with the odds of surviving – let alone thwarting the machinery in Corinth – very low. But, the human spirit endures all, and Luke, Maria, Mark and Abraham resolve to escape the fallen city of Borderton at any cost.

Meanwhile, somewhere in catacombs under Corinth, Queenie and Lucian regroup and try to figure out a way to move on. In the north, a new force threatens the Refuge. And in Corinth, Paul and Saul are growing stronger than ever and hurtle towards a most apocalyptic confrontation.

  • terry

    will this ever be finished?

  • finalrune

    Hi Terry- thanks for listening! Our next episode is due out June 1, 2016. Thereafter a new episode per month until the conclusion which will be Season 3 episode 10.