This Halloween! Tune into THE CLEANSED

Some time in the not so distant future, the world as we know it is starting to unravel. The United States is mired in unwinnable wars, gas is scarce and the transportation system grinds to a halt. Homegrown terrorists take out the electric grid. Food is strictly rationed and distributed by the military. As citizens grow increasingly angry with the government, martial law is called in to maintain peace.

And then things really start to get bad.

FinalRune’s newest piece of work, the pilot episode of our new sci-fi serial The Cleansed, will be debuting on Sunday, October 31st – that’s Halloween, my friends!

How to Hear:

  • 7PM EST on WKIT 100.3 “The Rock” of Bangor – Stephen King’s radio station! Hit “Listen Now” on
  • 7PM EST on Transcontinental Terror, the international audio festival featuring 6 hours of original horror programming for Halloween.  Streams online:
  • 9PM EST on WMPG, Greater Portland Maine’s Community Radio: Links to “Listen to WMPG” on the right
  • Miss these dates? Stay tuned for a live stream to be embedded here.  There will NOT be a free podcast version of this show due to licensing restrictions of music used in it.  So be sure to tune in when you can!

Cleansed Radio Drama Photos
Brent Askari (left) warns Paul Drinan and Kym Dakin about rebel soldiers who are igniting jet fuel

Cleansed Radio Drama Photos
Randall Farr records as Burke Brimmer, Lisa Muller-Jones, and Chris Newcomb rush towards an abandoned home during the apocalypse

Cleansed Radio Drama Photos
Rylee Ann Doiron and Philip Hobby sprint for safety after a military air base is assualted by rebel soldiers.

More photos in our online photo gallery

  • 3countyLaugh

    This was Brilliant! Completely hit a tender spot and unnerverd the whole house in exactly the right way. Know survivalist types aroung here, this sounded jsut like their plans & talks.
    Hope to catch future episodes.
    Thanks you!