Update: Receiving the Ogle Award

Fred Wins the Ogle
Fred shows off his new Ogle with Master of Ceremonies, Jerry Stearns

As previously announced, FinalRune’s production of Waiting for a Window won the Gold Ogle Award, an international audio drama award for Best Fantasy Audio Drama.

The “Ogle” is so named for Charles Ogle, who played the first Frankenstein’s creation in Edison’s silent 1910 film of the famous science fiction horror novel. The award celebrates the best fantasy/audio production of the year. Fantasy includes magical “high” fantasy, sword and sorcery, horror, modern urban fantasy, and other things that don’t fall under the criteria of Science Fiction. “Window” fit because it falls on the speculative fiction side of things.

Producer Fred Greenhalgh personally flew to Minneapolis to receive the award on July 2.

It’s a few miles to Minneapolis from Maine, but the trip was well worth the effort. I had an awesome time hanging with radio buddies Jerry Stearns, Brian Price and Kris Markman of Great Northern Audio Theater as well as Jeff Adams from Icebox Radio Theater.

Fred says that should he make it out again, he’ll spend more time at CONvergence, having been stunned at how much fun it was (who would think geeks could throw such lavish parties?), and how many great people were there. CONvergence offered a fairly strong serving of audio/podcasting related panels as well as writing panels.

Pictures available on FinalRune’s Facebook page… Now to get working on something to enter for the 2009 contest!