“Waiting for a Window” Wins Gold Ogle Award

FinalRune is proud to announce that our latest play, Waiting for a Window, has won the Gold Ogle award. The Ogle is one of the most prestigious radio drama awards available and has been won by the likes of Crazy Dog Audio Theater, The Willamette Radio Workshop, AM/FM Theater (The Grist Mill), and the Colonial Radio Theater.

The “Ogle” is so named for Charles Ogle, who played the first Frankenstein’s creation in Edison’s silent 1910 film of the famous science fiction horror novel. The award celebrates the best fantasy/audio production of the year. Fantasy includes magical “high” fantasy, sword and sorcery, horror, modern urban fantasy, and other things that don’t fall under the criteria of Science Fiction.

Producer/writer Fred Greenhalgh will be headed out to Minneapolis, Minnesota to collect the award on July 2. Rumor has it he’ll also be helping Great Northern Audio Theater put on their annual Mark Time Award live radio show.

UPDATE: Details on receiving the Ogle Award.